June 19 Newsletter

Tech Tip

Putting your phone in Airplane Mode will help your phone charge much quicker than with it on. Just swipe up on iOS or swipe down on Android and hit the airplane button!

Inside WordPress you can change the number of items displayed in many of the different sections, such as pages, posts, comments, etc. Simply click on ‘Screen Options’ in the upper right of your screen, then change the number of items displayed per page and save. You’re done!

Author: Mike Bowden

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Mike Bowden is the Owner, Project Manager, and all-around knower-of-techy-things at OBS. He's been in the technology industry since he could read and loves anything silicon-based. He's been a WordPress fanboy for well over fifteen years and has seen the good the bad in the industry. He spends most of his time now, helping others build their dream website, hosting, and protecting his clients' websites.

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