Custom WordPress Web Hosting

Your website is important to your business and it’s success. If your website needs to be fast, you’re processing payments, requesting client, patient, or customer information, or any combination of the above – then you’re going to need custom hosting!

Every company has a different way of handling their web servers, client websites, and backups. Transparency is important to us – we want you to know how we handle all of our hosting. We’re proud of the infrastructure we have spent years refining, optimizing, and securing. Below is a rundown of our entire infrastructure, data security, and backup systems, so that you can make an informed decision on using our services.

Our Infrastructure

Cloud Computing

The Cloud

Let’s face it. The internet can be a scary place full of things that can harm your website. Fortunately, On Budget Services protects you with a custom-built infrastructure that features multiple levels of security. Think of it as a filter. At the top of the filter is the entire world-wide-web with all of its risks. Starting at the very top harmful traffic is filtered out using a number of methods, curated blacklists, and CloudFlare’s own proprietary website filtering. Then we process any remaining traffic, through our own custom load balancer infrastructure, which utilizes a number of custom rule-based IP filtering, to get rid of the rest of any nefarious traffic, allowing only safe traffic to reach your website. All of this behind-the-scenes work takes place in a fraction of a second and you don’t have to worry about a thing.


First, we pass everything through CloudFlare, an intelligent global network that protects and accelerates your website. It includes a firewall and web filter.

  • CloudFlareLarge scale spammers, bots, denial of service, and brute force attacks are all repelled before they even reach your servers.
  • Not only is every IP address determined to be harmful blocked from any future access, but it is also reported back to CloudFlare and banned from everyone in our network. So you add to and benefit from the knowledge of the entire community.
  • CloudFlare also employs a CDN (Content Delivery Network), which uses multiple servers across the world. Your viewer receives content from the closest server, ensuring quick load times and increased performance.


Load BalancerLoad Balancers

Information that is allowed through CloudFlare, then enters our public facing load balancers. The load balancers can tell the difference between bots and humans, repelling attacks, hacking attempts, and spam. Also, they are equipped with our own custom, rule-based filtering system, that we have curated over the last 10 years of running websites. This creates another layer of protection and security for your website and services.

Any traffic that is allowed through the first two stages of our infrastructure will then reach our internal load balancers. These load balancers reside within our data centers, and are the only means of communication between your web server and the outside world. This means that if you were to try and connect directly to the web server which stores your important website files and confidential information, you would be denied. Only our load balancers within our data centers have the proper keys to communicate with the servers inside the data center.

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Client Web Servers

Only information deemed safe after passing through these three vigorous layers is allowed to reach your individual server within our data center. These servers are locked down to only allow specific types of traffic through. Only web traffic is allowed in and all other traffic is ignored.

Client Servers

  • Each client has their own dedicated server, so it is not affected by the activity of other clients, as well as giving each client more than enough resources to operate any size WordPress website.
  • Client servers are highly optimized for WordPress websites, utilizing a number of customized caching and proxy systems.
  • Servers are fully secured so that only those with WordPress administrator access can access and make changes.
  • All servers are equipped with additional Brute Force detection.
  • All servers are equipped with additional DDoS detection.


MySQL ServerDatabase Servers

This is perhaps the most crucial part of the system, as database servers hold ALL the content of your website, public and confidential. This is where the vast majority of failures occur – to prevent this OBS backs up all databases daily, as well as utilizing a mirror database to backup live data instantly. The mirrored server allows us to quickly restore after an incident, and ensures your website will not go down for more than a few minutes, if at all.

Your Website Visitors

Website AnalyticsOnly safe, secure, legitimate traffic reaches your website, which allows for proper website tracking, utilizing systems such as Google Analytics. Cleaning all of the traffic before it reaches your website, allows your website to run at optimal performance. This not only makes the viewers on your website happy, but Google uses website speed as a metric for the position of your website in search results.

Secure BackupsBackup System

Every server in our infrastructure is backed up utilizing a number of methods. All of our servers use a RAID 6 array – this means that two hard drives can fail, before any data on the server is lost. We then do daily, weekly, and monthly backups of all servers and their configurations. We use repositories for all WordPress websites, checking in and out changes as they are made. All of the backups are stored on an encrypted server, which is only accessible from within our local network. That backup server is backed up to the cloud, in two separate geographical locations, encrypted once more before transmission. This gives us a total of seven copies of your important data in the event that anything happens. This may sound like overkill to some, but data security and redundancy is extremely important to us.

Custom WordPress Hosting Packages

Prices below reflect your monthly price based on the term of your package.

All fully-managed custom WordPress hosting servers come with 6 CPU cores, 8GB of RAM, and 30GB of SSD Storage. All WordPress files are backed up daily, as well as hourly. This service includes monthly updates for the server, WordPress core, and WordPress plugins.

Partial savings based on a $65 per hour rate.