Website Hosting

We offer a number of website hosting options, regardless if you're looking for standard shared website hosting, or custom WordPress website hosting, we have you covered. We even offer managed services, for those who need an extra hand.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Our custom-built managed WordPress infrastructure is developed specifically for WordPress websites.

We utilize a number of systems and services, including CloudFlare, to help protect and optimize your website.

Best of all, it's fully managed, we do all of it for you and it includes an hour of our time each month. This is used for keeping the server updated, including WordPress and your plugins.

We monitor all of servers security and uptime. If downtime, errors, or breach attempts occur we will be notified within minutes and in most cases, have it resolved in less than an hour.

All fully-managed custom WordPress hosting servers come with 6 CPU cores, 8GB of RAM, and 30GB of SSD Storage. All WordPress files are backed up daily, as well as hourly.

This service includes monthly updates for the server, WordPress core, and WordPress plugins.

Shared Hosting


You shouldn’t have to worry about how much space you need or how much bandwidth you use! We offer ample storage and bandwidth. Requesting more is easy and free!


Managing a website isn’t always easy, so we make installing most applications simple. Using Softaculous – anything can be installed with a few clicks.


Sign up for a year of shared hosting with us and your next domain name is on us. Whether that is transferring an existing domain to your account with us, or a brand new domain – it’s on us!


We now include SSL certificates for all of your domain names and sub-domain names, and we support and provide all other paid SSLs, such as extended verification.

20GB Space

Free Setup

Free Domain (Yearly Accounts)

Solid State MySQL Storage

Unlimited Domains

Unlimited Emails

Unlimited MySQL Databases

Unlimited Bandwidth*