WordPress Services

WordPress Optimization

We manually optimize each and every website, as there are no two that are alike. Each has its own set of challenges, plugins, themes, and customizations and as such, there is no preset optimization that can be applied. WordPress optimization is a passion of ours and we love seeing how fast we can make a website, how high we can get a website to score, and how much we can reduce bandwidth usage for each website we optimize.

WordPress Malware Removal

This package includes a month of custom WordPress web hosting, which will not only protect your site from any future infections or hacking attempts but also includes our WordPress Optimization Services. So your website will be clean, fast, and secure.

Same Day Response
Full Scan Of Your Entire Website
Comprehensive Report
Guaranteed Removal With Proof
Suggested Changes And/Or Fixes
Google Compliance
Google Blacklist Removal
1 Month Of Custom WordPress Hosting

Wordpress Hardening

WordPress and all the features available to it is continuously changing and evolving. We have been cleaning, securing, and protecting WordPress websites for over two decades. We use several industry-standard security plugins, as well as many custom protections that we have cultivated over the years, all combined to protect your WordPress website.