Frequently Asked Questions

Is my site safe?


As part of your website design plan, we offer monthly server services to keep your site safe, your customers safe, and your content safe. We don’t load you up on a server with hundreds of customers like the big companies do, making you vulnerable to hackers. We also have a step-by-step security process that includes technology such as CloudFlare to block unsafe traffic.

Will my site be Google friendly?


Your site will be optimized to be Google friendly through a variety of security steps as well as through well-written content and appropriate keywords designed to fit your business and to draw in your customers.

How will I know how my site is performing?

We have a number of reporting systems that we utilize to assist in determining if your website is performing and how well. This includes, but not limited to monthly citation reports, keyword monitoring, Google Analytics, review reports.

Can I log into my site?


You may have access to your site once it’s designed and complete.

What platform and design development do you use?

Your site will be customized in the WordPress platform, which is a top design and web industry choice. It will have the latest in professional website design style, plug ins,  and navigation.

Can you host my site?


As part of our website plans, we offer hosting services, and they are truly the best in speed and optimization!

Can you get me a domain name?


We also can find an appropriate domain name for you and advise you on which name may be best for you online business presence.

Is my site backed up?


We backup up your data and storage on a regular basis to our backup servers.

Why On Budget Services over the big companies?

With our team, you will get a USA based copywriter that will write you excellent online content that is SEO optimized, a skilled designer that will customize a site just for your business, and the best in security and speed. We also have other digital marketing services to help grow your business. We are your one-stop-shop for all your business marketing needs.


Websites don’t have to be hard, and hiring a company to do it for you shouldn’t be either. Stand out from the sea of same, fill out our short quote form, and see what we can do for you.

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