Project Description

SEA Homeschoolers came to us in need of quite a few services. Their old website had served them well but needed a facelift with several new functions and features added. Their project was one of the most significant projects we’ve taken on at OBS, but we couldn’t be happier with the outcome! We provided them custom designs for substantial sections of their website, as well as tied into their existing eCommerce shop, providing continuity between their two sites.

They additionally needed ongoing management and monitoring due to the size of their organization and website. The most significant hurdle we had to overcome was that of moving their existing data from their old site to the newly built one. We successfully migrated thousands of pages of content, blog posts, comments, and media over to the brand new designs for a seamless relaunch.

  • Responsive Website Designs
  • Content Cleanup
  • Custom Sub-Page Designs
  • Complete Migration
  • WordPress Custom Server Infrastructure
  • Realtime Backup Solution
  • Domain Management
  • Ongoing Realtime Monitoring
  • Ongoing Management & Updates
SEA Homeschoolers Blog Page
SEA Homeschoolers Shops Page
SEA Homeschoolers Reviews Page
SEA Homeschoolers Community Board Page
SEA Homeschoolers Homepage
SEA Homeschoolers About Us Page
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