Same-Day WordPress Malware Removal Services

WordPress is constantly changing and evolving, and these changes create vulnerabilities within the code that can then be used to compromise a website. Adding in plugins and add-ons for WordPress, now you’re opening all sorts of doors that a hacker or bot can use to inject code, or upload viruses to your website.

The most common type is basic ad malware, which injects hidden pages and links on your website that are profitable to the hacker. This is bad for you and your website because Google can pick up on this malware and will automatically mark your website as unsafe. Google displays a big red screen to all viewers of your website warning potential customers against using your website and requires confirmation that they understand your website could potentially infect their computer. This will cripple any businesses income streams and could tarnish your reputation for a long time to come.

Our Packages

We can help get your website secure and remove any marks Google has against your website!

Our $99 basic level package starts with scanning, finding, and removing all viruses or malware on your website.

Our $299 package includes finding and removing all viruses and/or malware, but additionally, we will secure your website from future attacks, and work with Google directly to get any blocks removed from your website, so any viewers going to your website know that it is safe and secure.

Our top-level $499 package, not only includes everything we’ve already talked about, it includes a month of custom WordPress web hosting, which will not only protect your site from any future infections or hacking attempts but also includes our WordPress Optimization Services. So your website will be clean, fast, and secure.

WordPress Malware Removal Service

What Our Customers Say

OBS saved my biscuits!

Mike from OBS saved my biscuits recently when my website was attacked and compromised. He identified the ways in which my site had been affected very quickly, fixed them, and offered me several different solutions to prevent the same thing (or other terrible things) from happening in the future. He communicated clearly throughout the process, and let me know exactly what to expect as he worked. My costs were very reasonable, and I knew from the start what they would be. Huge thanks to Mike and OBS!

Sarah Brown

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Compliance and Blacklist removal?

If your website is indexed by Google, meaning your website shows up in Googles search results, then you’re giving Google permission to check to make your website is not compromised or infected. Each time Google indexes your website, they check to ensure you aren’t breaking their rules or are not infected with viruses and/or malware. If you are, they will blacklist your website and any Chrome user that views your website will get a notice stating that your website is unsafe and they shouldn’t visit it. We work to get your website cleaned, compliant, and remove all blacklists so that visitors of your website know that your site is safe and secure.

What is WordPress optimization?

We have over ten years of experience with WordPress and how it works. We specialize at optimizing the load times of WordPress websites, even those using a large number of plugins. Each website is different and each requires customization in order to score high on performance tests, and get the fastest possible load times per page. This is not only great for your visitors, as most will leave a website that doesn’t load in 3 seconds or faster, but it’s great for your search engine optimization, as Google uses it as an important ranking factor. If your website is slow, you could be de-ranked in organic search results because of it.

What is Custom WordPress Hosting?

We have spent a number of years refining our WordPress Web Hosting Services to ensure that we protect WordPress websites from hacking attempts, viruses, malware, and even SQL injections. Additionally, we’ve optimized the hardware and software that run websites so that we can eke out every bit of the performance increases that we can for our clients. Our WordPress Hosting Service is highly engineered for WordPress websites, big and small. We host sites that are only a few pages, all the way up to websites in excess of 100k+ pages.


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