Shared Website Hosting

Shared website hosting shouldn't be complicated.
We offer website hosting the way it should be.


Shared website hosting should be simple, easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to manage. It should include everything you could need for your site. Pick the plan that best fits your needs, and all the bells and whistles you could ever want to come with it.

Shared web hosting accounts should come with everything.

...and you shouldn't need to pay extra either.
Storage and Bandwidth

You shouldn’t have to worry about how much space you need or how much bandwidth you use! We offer ample storage and bandwidth. Requesting more is easy and free!

1-Click Installs

Managing a website isn’t always easy, so we make installing most applications simple. Using our software – anything can be installed with a few clicks.

Free Domain Name

Prepay for a year of shared website hosting with us, and your next domain name is on us. Whether that is transferring an existing domain to your account, or a brand new domain – we got you covered!

Free SSLs Included

We now include SSL certificates for all of your domain names and sub-domain names. We also support and provide all other paid SSLs, such as extended verification.

Everything you need to grow your website. Order today!

Picking the package that best suits your needs shouldn't be hard, neither should getting the required services or software. We don't limit the software or add-ons to make your website function. All of our packages include a full suite of software and add-ons to make your website the best it can be.
We take data security seriously, and that also includes our shared website hosting customers. All of our shared servers follow a weekly update and backup schedule. Available upgrades include- weekly, daily, and real-time.your website.
Free Setup
Unlimited Bandwidth
1-Click App Installer
Total Security
SSL Included
Multi-PHP Support
per month
1 Domain1 Domain
5 Databases5 Databases
5 Email Accounts5 Email Accounts
5 GB of Secure Storage5 GB of Secure Storage
* Unlimited Bandwidth* Unlimited Bandwidth
Monthly BackupsMonthly Backups
Get Started
per month
5 Domains5 Domains
20 Databases20 Databases
20 Email Accounts20 Email Accounts
20 GB Secure Storage20 GB Secure Storage
* Unlimited Bandwidth* Unlimited Bandwidth
Weekly BackupsWeekly Backups
Get Started
per month
* Unlimited Domains* Unlimited Domains
* Unlimited Databases* Unlimited Databases
* Unlimited Email Accounts* Unlimited Email Accounts
100GB Secure Storage100GB Secure Storage
* Unlimited Bandwidth* Unlimited Bandwidth
Daily BackupsDaily Backups
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* Our Premium package includes a 50 domain, database, and email soft limit. Additional resources can be requested via a support ticket, with 10 added at a time.


* Unlimited bandwidth on all package levels has a soft limit of 50GB. Additional bandwidth can be requested via a support ticket. This is to ensure users do not abuse the server and quality of service remains intact for all customers.