WordPress Hardening

Constant monitoring and proactive protection
are what protect WordPress websites.


WordPress out of the box is secure and safe. Add a few plugins, a custom theme, and some external applications, and it's no longer secure. Hardening WordPress is an art, something that requires experience to know where the vulnerabilities are and how to correct them.

WordPress Hardening


Stop infections before they happen.


Let us worry, not you.


Proactive protection changing as needed.

Two decades of experience directed at securing your website.

Secure and protect your WordPress website today!

WordPress and all the features available to it is continuously changing and evolving. We have been cleaning, securing, and protecting WordPress websites for over two decades. We use several industry-standard security plugins, as well as many custom protections that we have cultivated over the years, all combined to protect your WordPress website.

Included in this package is a free month of our custom WordPress website hosting, as well as several premium WordPress plugins, valued at $150+ per year in savings.

WordPress Hardening
one time$50 a month afterintroductory period
Same Day ResponseSame Day Response
Full Scan Of Your Entire WebsiteFull Scan Of Your Entire Website
Security Changes & FixesSecurity Changes & Fixes
WordPress Firewall ConfigurationWordPress Firewall Configuration
Blacklist MonitoringBlacklist Monitoring
Premium Plugins ($150+ Per Year Value)Premium Plugins ($150+ Per Year Value)
1 Month of WordPress Website Hosting1 Month of WordPress Website Hosting
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