WordPress Optimization

WordPress websites should be FAST—
under 3-second load times... fast!


WordPress websites are agile and super fast out of the box. Once you add plugins, custom designs, heavy graphics, and content, they tend to become bloated and slow, with the average loading around 10 seconds or longer. We have honed our process over the years, and we strive for a 1 second or faster load time, while Google suggests a 2 to 3 second or faster load time.

WordPress Optimization


A website should load in under 3 seconds flat— start to finish. We strive for 1 second!


Your website shouldn't sometimes work, and it should always be as fast as you expect it to be.


It should always be agile enough for whatever you throw at it— a mobile phone or the latest plugin.

Two decades of experience directed at optimizing your website.

Let us optimize your WordPress website.

Optimizing your WordPress website can become a very daunting task after you've spent days or weeks building it. Most get into a rabbit-hole effect and try to reach a 100% perfect score with the website scanners.

We strive to have all of our optimized websites load in under 1-second, with at minimum a 95% overall score or higher. Google generally wants to see a website load in 2 to 4 seconds, and most users will leave a website if it doesn't load in 3 seconds or faster. We meet and beat all of these requirements.

WordPress Optimization
one time
Initial Full Website ScanInitial Full Website Scan
3 Second or Faster Load Time3 Second or Faster Load Time
Image Optimization (Including image size corrections.)Image Optimization (Including image size corrections.)
Plugin Replacement (If required.)Plugin Replacement (If required.)
Manual CSS, JS, or Font OptimizationManual CSS, JS, or Font Optimization
Migration to Us IncludedMigration to Us Included
1 Month of Managed WordPress Website Hosting
(Not Required)
1 Month of Managed WordPress Website Hosting
(Not Required)
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