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We’ve worked with startups, experienced businesses, and entrepreneurs, and one common thread unites them all—a hassle-free experience is critical. And why shouldn’t it be? You’re busy. You hired a website designer to handle the details. That’s what we do. We create professional, secure, and safe websites on WordPress without creating more work for you.

Our starter package offers a great kick-start.

Here’s what our Starter Package includes:
Starter Package
$20 a month after
introductory period
1 Months Shared Hosting1 Months Shared Hosting
Install & Setup of WordPressInstall & Setup of WordPress
Install & Setup of your ThemeInstall & Setup of your Theme
Demo Content ImportedDemo Content Imported
3 Plugins Installed3 Plugins Installed
1 Plugin Configured1 Plugin Configured
1 Form Built and Installed1 Form Built and Installed
2 Pages Built (You Provide Content)2 Pages Built (You Provide Content)
5 Change Requests Per Page5 Change Requests Per Page
5 Stock Photos Included5 Stock Photos Included
Weekly BackupsWeekly Backups
1 Hour Uptime Monitoring1 Hour Uptime Monitoring
Get Started
WordPress Setup

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. We set up your web hosting account, install WordPress, including the theme of your choice, and import all the other important details to get you started.

Website Hosting

We’ll even include two months of shared website hosting to jumpstart your site. Included in every package is an easy-to-use control panel you can easily manage right from your site.

Plugin Installation

Not sure where to start with plugins? We’ve got you covered. We’ll install and configure five plugins of your choice, even paid plugins. Give us the license details, and we’ll do the rest.

Website Security

A safe and secure website is non-negotiable for your business site. We make sure your site is backed up and safe with weekly backups stored at an offsite location for no extra charge.

How It Works

We do our best to keep our process easy and concise.
  • 1
    You Pick Out a Theme

    There are tens of thousands of themes for WordPress. But picking the right one doesn’t have to have you pulling your hair out. We’ll guide you towards the perfect theme template for your audience.

  • 2
    Send Us the Details

    Now that you’ve got your theme, the next step is to send us all the content you want on your website—including graphics and images. We’ll handle the rest.

  • 3
    We Develop Your Site

    Now we get to the fun part. Armed with your details, we start developing your shiny new site using your preferred site template and content.

  • 4
    Review & Revise

    Finally, we collaborate. Tell us what needs to go, which colors to change, or what font needs to be adjusted. As we make the changes, we’ll even show you what we’re doing so you can continue to revise your site as you see fit.

Premium Packages

Looking for a bit more? Our Premium Package might be a better fit. It includes the following:
Real-Time Backups

Accidents happen, mistakes are inevitable, fingers slip. Our real-time backup system will back up your website as you work on it, giving you peace of mind and confidence that even the smallest mistake isn't a problem.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managing a WordPress website can be time-consuming and sometimes outright scary. Let our techs handle plugin updates, core WordPress updates, and any other minor issues that might crop up.

60s Uptime Monitoring

We utilize two separate monitoring systems that will check each service of your website every 60 seconds. In most cases, we know very quickly if there is an issue and can get it resolved just as quick.

WordPress Hardening

While WordPress is the #1 website management platform, it can be very insecure if not set up correctly. Let our team of experts harden your WordPress install to be sure you aren't vulnerable to threats.

WordPress Optimization

Search engines love ranking websites based on how fast they load. Customers do not want to wait, and if a website doesn't load in less than three seconds, they leave. We'll optimize your website, so that doesn't happen.

Plugin Install

Whether you want an eCommerce shop or a simple form to gather customer information, plugins can add the extra juice your site needs. We'll help install up to five plugins with this package and custom configure any two you'd like.

Premium Package
$50 a month after
introductory period
1 Month Managed WordPress Hosting1 Month Managed WordPress Hosting
Install & Setup of WordPressInstall & Setup of WordPress
Install & Setup of your ThemeInstall & Setup of your Theme
Demo Content ImportedDemo Content Imported
5 Plugins Installed5 Plugins Installed
2 Plugins Configured2 Plugins Configured
3 Form Built and Installed3 Form Built and Installed
4 Pages Built (Content Provided)4 Pages Built (Content Provided)
10 Change Requests Per Page10 Change Requests Per Page
10 Stock Photos Included10 Stock Photos Included
WordPress Hardening ServicesWordPress Hardening Services
WordPress Optimization ServicesWordPress Optimization Services
Real-Time BackupsReal-Time Backups
60s Uptime Monitoring60s Uptime Monitoring
Get Started

Why Choose On Budget Services for Your Website?

Experience matters. As your Atlanta web designer, we bring over a decade of web design and development experience to the table. And as a family-owned and operated business, we also understand how critical affordability is, especially for startups and small businesses. We blend the two together to offer you reliable, on-budget, web design services.

Work with us for superior design, and superior results, for your business.