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Your website is vital to your business. If you use WordPress, don't settle for inferior hosting for your business website, trust it to those who have decades of experience, and know-how to make your website fast, secure, and reliable. Our WordPress website hosting is fully managed, meaning you don't need to worry about anything but keeping your content updated, we do the rest!
Full SSL Included
Real-Time Encrypted Offsite Backups
Your Own Secure Isolated Cloud
Top to Bottom Security
24/7/365 Monitoring & Recovery
Daily Technician Applied Updates

Full Transparency

Your website is vital to your business and its success. If you need your website to be fast, you process payments, request customer information, or any combination of the above – then you're going to need custom WordPress website hosting!

Transparency is essential to us – we want you to know how we handle all things. We're proud of our infrastructure and have spent years refining, optimizing, and securing. If you would like to read more about our custom infrastructure and how we would manage your website, there is more information below.

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Your Own Secure Isolated CloudYour Own Secure Isolated Cloud
Full-SSL IncludedFull-SSL Included
24/7/365 Monitoring & Recovery
(60s Monitoring Intervals)
24/7/365 Monitoring & Recovery
(60s Monitoring Intervals)
Daily Technician Applied
WordPress Updates
(Core & 3rd Party Plugins)
Daily Technician Applied
WordPress Updates
(Core & 3rd Party Plugins)
Real-Time Encrypted Offsite Backups
(1-Click Restore)
Real-Time Encrypted Offsite Backups
(1-Click Restore)
Migration of Existing Website IncludedMigration of Existing Website Included
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Our Infrastructure

Below are each significant section of our infrastructure and an explanation of how and why. We believe in full transparency and want you to know precisely how we manage your website.

Your Own Private Cloud

Your Own Private CloudLet’s face it. The internet can be a scary place full of things that can harm your website. Fortunately, we protect you with a custom-built infrastructure that features multiple levels of security.

Think of it as a filter. At the top is the entire world-wide-web with all of its risks. Then starting at the very top, malicious traffic is filtered out using several methods, curated blacklists, and CloudFlare’s proprietary website filtering.

The final stage consists of our proprietary filtering system, which utilizes many automated custom rule-based IP filtering protocols to clean the remaining traffic, allowing only safe and valid website traffic to reach your website.

All of the behind-the-scenes work takes place in fractions of a second, and you never need to worry about anything.

Cloudflare Management & Customization

CloudflareFirst, we pass everything through Cloudflare, an intelligent global network that protects and accelerates your website.

  • Cloudflare keeps a global blocklist for large scale spammers, bots, denial of service, and brute force attacks. They are all repelled before they even reach your servers.
  • Not only is every IP address determined to be harmful blocked from any future access, but it is also reported back to CloudFlare and banned from everyone in our network. So you add to and benefit from the knowledge of the entire community.
  • Cloudflare also employs a CDN (Content Delivery Network), which uses multiple servers across the world. Your viewer receives content from the closest server, ensuring quick load times and increased performance.

Load Balancers

Load Balancers

Information that is allowed through Cloudflare then enters our public-facing load balancers. These load balancers can tell the difference between bots and humans, repelling attacks that make it through Cloudflare. They are equipped with our own proprietary rule-based filtering system, that we have curated over the last 15 years of running WordPress websites, this creates another layer of protection and security for your website.

Any traffic that is allowed through the first two stages of our infrastructure will then reach our internal load balancers. These load balancers reside within our data centers and are the only means of communication between your web server and the outside world. Having internal load balancers creates another stop-gap between your data and the outside world. Only our load balancers within our data centers have the proper keys to communicate with the servers inside the data center.

Customer Virtual Servers

Customer Virtual ServersOnly information deemed safe after passing through these three active layers is allowed to reach your virtual server within our data center. These servers are locked down only to allow specific types of traffic through. Only web traffic is allowed in and ignoring all other traffic.

  • Each customer has a dedicated virtual server, so it is not affected by the activity of other customers.
  • Customer servers are highly optimized for WordPress websites, utilizing several customized caching and proxy systems to speed up WordPress websites.
  • Servers are thoroughly secured so that only those with WordPress administrator access can access and make changes.
  • All servers are equipped with additional Brute Force detection.
  • DDoS detection comes equipped on all servers by default.

Database Servers

MySQL DatabasesThe database servers are perhaps the most crucial part of the system, as database servers hold ALL the information of your website, public and confidential. The vast majority of failures occur with the database – to prevent this, we back up all databases in real-time; this ensures your data is secure. If anything were to happen, you could restore to an earlier version yourself, or allow us to do it for you.

Real-Time Backups

Real-Time BackupsEvery virtual server in our infrastructure utilizes multiple backup methods. All of our servers use a RAID 6 array to protect all data. We then do real-time backups of your data and databases. All backups are encrypted and stored on a server that is only accessible from within our network. Each backup server is then backed up offsite in two separate geographical locations, and encrypted once more before transmission.

Multiple backup points give us fully-redundant copies of your essential data if anything happens, this may sound like overkill to some, but data security is fundamental to us.