Web Server Infrastructure & Management


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Strong SEO and Well-Written Content

With the big website companies did you know your content is outsourced overseas to developing countries? Someone who doesn’t speak English as a first language writes your site. This is what the copywriting industry dubs “content mills.” This kind of cheap writing is bad for SEO and overall content presentation as it’s not usually done by an SEO copywriter or a US writer that understands the current marketplace and Google trends.

Safe,  Secure,  and Reliable Service

Where your information is stored and kept online is important. You need a company that is qualified and you can trust. The team at On Budget Websites takes online security seriously. As part of your website design plan, we offer monthly web server services and hosting to keep your site safe, your customers safe, and your content safe.

Speed and Optimization

Along with our mission to be safe and secure, we also are known for our speed and optimization. Let’s just say Google likes us. When you go with the big cheap website companies, you will get what you pay for. Expect lousy crowded servers that open you up to getting hacked along with terrible optimization and a slow website.

Website Design and WordPress Development Core

  • Up to 4 Custom Forms (Contact Us, Request Information, Custom Quote, etc…)
  • Up To 5 Pages of Custom Written Content (SEO, H1, H2, Meta)
  • On-Site SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • WordPress Optimization Services
  • WordPress Hardening
  • 1 Year of Domain Registration (Including Transfer for 1 Domain)
  • Domain Management
  • Our Custom Server Infrastructure

What You Get in Our Monthly Services

  • Server Hardening
  • Server Software Upgrades
  • Log File and Server Active Monitoring (Breaches and/or Hacking Attempts)
  • Active IP Banning
  • 24/7/365 Server Uptime Monitoring and 1 Hour Response Time
  • 1 Hour of Changes and/or Updates per Month
  • Monthly Citation Monitoring and Reporting
  • Monthly Keyword Monitoring and Reporting

Our Custom Server Infrastructure for Every Client

Our Secure and Optimized Steps:

  1. Someone tries to log in from the Internet.
  2. Our custom WAF (Web Application Firewall) communicates with CloudFlare directly and helps eliminate BAD traffic before it reaches your servers.
  3. Your load balancer handles all incoming traffic and decides if it needs to be ignored, blocked, or sent to the web servers.
  4. Your Web Server then handles all web traffic, as well as any web pages and sending/receiving of data.
  5. Proactive monitoring is happening during all stages, to ensure BAD traffic doesn’t gain access to your website.
  6. Your MySQL server is the filing cabinet for your website and handles the storage of all data, only your website can access this server, it is completely secured from any other connections.
  7. The backup platform keeps an updated copy of your server, website, and MySQL server. This allows for a quick restoration in the event it’s needed.


Websites don’t have to be hard, and hiring a company to do it for you shouldn’t be either. Stand out from the sea of same, fill out our short quote form, and see what we can do for you.

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